Not VS this time but aliexpress stuff and my Grace's signed CD, lol.

September 25, 2017

Annyeong guys!
So today I'm coming with some casual haul from our lovely Warsaw. I stayed there for about three days (mainly for DR's concert and my friend's birthday) but tbh, I also had few things I wanted to buy, which are available only in the capital city. Are you ready? Let's go!
(You don't need to go anywhere actually, just click below or scroll, do what you like, lol)

Before my whole holiday journey started (you can see it here - the story of "how I packed only my swimsuit and was freezing to death") I needed to buy some hair conditioner in Cracow, cause none of us thought about taking some. And if one did, she wouldn't share. So I went to a shop and bought this stuff:

I use it almost for a month now and I don't like it. It doesn't do anything. At least I can't see any difference - it doesn't even help combing my hair. So it's rather meh. About the anti hair loss serum... well, can't say anything positive either. I used it maybe three times and it's really strange. It leaves this glueish coat on your scalp and doesn't want to absorb. I don't know, maybe it's supposed to actually glue your hair to prevent hair loss. c':

Ok, so I wanted to go to a Korea House which is a Polish shop with (mostly) Korean cheap food, but it turned out to be WAY TO FAR from where I stayed. I don't even know if it's still Warsaw or not. So luckily, there was another shop with Asian food near the place we ate our vegan sushi (which was pretty good and pretty purple).

I finally was able to get a bottle of makgeolli - it's an alcohol made of rice. People call this a rice wine or a rice beer. I'm looking forward to try this and make some smoothies, like some Korean restaurants do. I heard it's not that good when you try this for the first time, but then it gets better. We'll see.
Obviously, I bought some ramen, cause I love it even though it's terrible for my skin. Just like alcohol, but whatever.
And then, I also got a chance to buy a honey with ginger tea. In a jar. Love this.

There was some deal in Rossmann. Something like "buy two, get two free" so I bought some stuff, knowing that I'm going to move in a few weeks. I don't know why I'm showing this to you but some may be interested in that as well. Or may be not, lol.

Oh, in Kontigo there also was some deal. Probably "pick 3, pay for 2"? So that's how I ended up with another sheet masks. I love sheet masks.

Of course, you know that I went to a Victoria's Secret shop and bought quite a lot (or at least spent quite a lot). You can read about it right here. I had another place I wanted to visit and it was a Cosibella stationery shop. But, unfortunately, things I wanted to buy were sold out. They are still like that which is even sadder. Of course, I'm talking about The Ordinary products. There's nothing I can do besides waiting for a stock up.

When I came back home, there were some packages waiting for me. One of them was my Grace's signed CD! Finally. Just to remind you - the concert was in MAY. 4 months ago. Cute.

As you can see, it's Grace's single "I'm Fine" which isn't that fine. The package is scrached in a few places. But well, it's not like I was going to give it away or so. Anyways, I'm really grateful that we got a CD autogprahed by a singer even if we wasn't really supposed to. So thank you Young Bros team and Grace!

And beside that one, I got other packages as well. Some aliexpress and ebay purchases.

It isn't much. As you can see, I picked some super cute socks, cause one's never got too much of them. Some samples of Etude House's toner and emulsion which I wanted to try out and April Skin's Turn-up Color Treatment which is really popular online, quite cheap and I wanted to try it for a really long time as well. So here it is. I'm waiting for my hair to fade out a little bit to try this out.

And that's all. Hope you enjoyed this rushed and messed up entry and I'll see you in my next post. Bye! <3

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