Long time no sea...

I know that I messed up the chronological order, because we go back in my holidays. We started with the concert, went through Victoria's Secret to finally reach the sea. And it was quite the opposite! I even started to wonder if I could only mention my summer vacation in a summary of the month, throwing up one photo and forget about the topic. But I have a few nice pics. And where then would I find a place for the rest of my Warsaw's shopping or any information about partying with Drug Restaurant? Because as you know, on Friday the boys were in Cracow to have a drink with us. And I'm sure you'll want to hear about it, and I'm not planning on doing a separate post specifically for it, so I'll just describe it theret then. And we're still only in the half of the month, there are many other things waiting for me! So... finally it's time for my holiday by the Polish sea, after overworking the whole July and August.

✨ Got a Secret, can you keep it...? Victoria's Secret in Warsaw. ✨

I heard quite a lot about good quality of lingerie and clothes from Victoria's Secret, but I never had a chance to try anything from them. When I lived in England, I did pass VS many times, usually on my way to Primark, Starbucks and bookstores. It's a shop that was somewhere there, but it was encoded under "expensive" and "unnecessary". Until it suddenly appeared in Poland. Then everything's changed.

DRUG RESTAURANT in Warsaw - it was a MISTAKE.

After I published a piece of Sympathy on my instagram, just to let my followers know that Drug Restaurant surprised me both positively and negatively, I got many reposts and questions. People suddenly started to wonder what Joon Young had done that I felt dissapointed. I didn't want to add this post immediately after the concert, wanting to think about everything quietly. I'm already readt and I can tell you why I feel guilty (and why this post is published much earlier than I planned it).

LISA THE WORKER: Working in a shop sucks and you don't want to do it.

I decided to go to work during the holidays, because there weren't much orders in the company and sitting idly at home seemed like a waste of time. This way one evening I sent my CV in response to several offers on the internet. The next day I got a phone that frightened me. The lady wanted to make an appointment for a job interview. Okay, but what kind of job? From which offer? Knowing nothing I bravely marched to the agency and thus signed a contract. Promises that I have to work 120h, that every other weekend I should be at work, but this can be fixed with a manager if I have some wedding at that day. 13,5/h and to this location near my apartment, cause only 15 minutes by walk. Great, nothing but take!
Once I'll learn that nothing is as it looks at first glance.

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