Kylo Ren isn't hot, come on.

December 26, 2017

Ok guys, I'm kind of done looking at all the Reylo gibberish, seriously. I'm not a Star Wars geek, but we need to talk about that. Prepare for some spoilers.

From what I understand, people mainly complains, because the movie was long. It was, but didn't you know it was going to last 3 hours? I was ready to leave the cinema past 1am so I don't really get the complains. Especially, that it wasn't boring. I mean, you didn't get a scenes ten minutes long in which all you could see was an universe and only an universe. "Look how talented our graphics are!". No. So come on, not liking a movie just because it's long is a bad argument.

But not liking a movie because of its boring plot is a different matter. Before all of you jumps onto me, let's make it clear - I REALLY liked some things out there. For example, the fight in Snoke's room? Brilliant. Probably the best scene out there. Oh, as well as making the ground red as blood on that planet which name I probably should remember (you know, that one with Restistance's hideout). But let's go to that absurd things.
As much as I loved the fight in Snoke's room (I'm looking him up, need to find out who he is since he appeared out of nowhere as "the worst of the worst", are you making another The Vampire Diares out there?), the way Kylo killed him was kind of... absurd, yup. I mean, if he could really read his mind and actually was almost one with the force, how could he die like that? At least his red mannequins gave us some show.
I liked the appearance of Chewie. He's probably my favorite character. Together with those small creatures. I ship them.

Ok, another thing I didn't get was that guy who sold Finn and Rose. That wasn't okay, boy. They probably just simply needed this kind of bad and hopeless guy to merge the plot, but, once again, wasn't it ridiculous?
When it comes to (I guess) new characters, I liked the twist regarding this purple-hair lady. And at the same time I liked Poe's impulsivness.
Oh, people once again complains that Amilyn Holdo (ha, I looked her up as well!) could turn back earlier and save more of the Resistance. I mean, she could, but how could she know what was going to happen? She had a plan, that fancy selling boy ruined everything and before she found out what was going on, half of her people was already dead. It's not her fault.

Okay, I'm going to skip all the "Skywalker thread" to not hurt your feelings and get right to the Kylo and Rey.
I hope they aren't siblings. Kylo said so, but can we believe him? I don't really believe guys who show up half-naked during our first meeting. Okay, that was our second meeting actually, so I should have more trust I guess. Anyways. I hope Rey's seriously from nowhere. Not becuase I want some romance, but I don't really feel like repeating Luke's and Leia's history.
And to be honest, I don't want romance out there. I know this series used to be a cheap romantic comedy but let's stop the circle. Can we get an ACTION. I'm thirsty for action, okay. I don't care about Kylo and Rey in a way you do. They should focus on killing each other, seriously. Wouldn't it be better? Getting a real supreme leader who can actually do something by himself while thinking rationally? "Oh, I'm going to kill em all rn and have all the power for myself" instead of "oh god, she's so lovely, I want her by my side and at the same time I want to kill her". That's sick and so predictable. Just like the whole next movie, I guess Rey'll try to convince Kylo that deep inside he's good and should reconsider all his action (implicitly for her), while he'll be exactly the same with "I'll kill you all" thread. Perfect.

So, overall, did I like the movie? I guess. But excluding all the schemes we already know from other parts of the story, was there anything interesting?

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