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November 18, 2017

I was supposed to write it a few days ago, but I left my computer charger at home and I couldn't do that. But now I have everything I need. I'm not going to write this post in Polish as well, cause I'm lazy and I don't have much time tbh. I'm sorry, my dear Polish readers. I hope you can deal with my English. It's rather simple, I'm not using any sophisticated words, because I just don't know them. Ok, let's get right into the topic.

As I mentioned in my last entry - I had two topics (excluding bae ofc) which I thought about quite a lot recently. One of them is what I wrote in post mentioned above. Menstruation leave. The second one is today's one. Though I don't really know how to say all the things I'd like to say. But I'll try.
I'm a girl who has a specific point of few at her life. I know exactly what I want and at the same time I have no idea what I want. Someone once said he cannot desribe me since there're too many contradictions. But I guess it's the same with you as well. So yeah, I can be a shy mess but a minute later I can be the most assertive person you've ever known. But I'm still when it comes to outlook on life. And no one's going to mess with that.
I'm a realist. I know I'm not going to marry my oppa. I know it'll be hard to work as I want to work. I know about all the brutal life's rules. Moreover, more than once I was kicked right into my luckless tummy by unfortunate happenings. And I couldn't do anything about it. Guys, I was all over there. Of course, I didn't have to participate in my worst dreams yet but I don't exlude it may happen someday. Everything can happen.
I met a boy who was kind of a pessimistic realist. He was really rude to me even though we were quite close to each other. I couldn't understand his behavior. Was it because of the puberty? Or was it some kind of a teen rebellion? Eventually, I learned he planned to be snippy to prepare me for all the things which were supposed to wait for me in my life. Yeah, he didn't considere being nice, because at that point I had too many female friends who (as he thought) were like "omg, Lisa, you're sooo cute, we love you, you're the nicest person in the world, your life's going to be amazing". Blessed ladies' friendships and absurd behavior of that boy. Seriously, that was one of the dumbiest things I've ever heard.
I believe he wanted the best for me anyways, but kitties, don't think that way, please. Being rude to someone just to prepare that person that not everyone in his/her life is going to be nice? Oh, come on, thanks for making me aware of that! I had no idea there are some awful people out there! I was sure everyone loves me! I'm sure you do as well!

Time passed and I met another man, who was exactly the same. We weren't close at all, but he was sure about some things - people should be dry as desert. Strong as a rock. Unhappy as they are. Hands down.
These are the things I really cannot understand. You have only one life. It's yours, it not belongs to anyone else (except bae and oppa, help my soul). Yeah, some bad and upsetting things may happen. BUT REALLY, ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THAT YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE WORST VERSION OF YOURSELF JUST BECAUSE LIFE CAN KICK YOUR ASS SOMEDAY? I'll be the one to do that first if you're not going to change your attitude right now.

I'll sell you my key to being happy. Only today it's half a price. But actually I don't know how much happiness can cost so let's say it's free for now.
Don't be rude to people close to you. They're here for you. But they won't be there forever if you're going to bring them down every single time. You'll find out why in a second. But remember - the first thing is to be nice. Not to everyone. If someone was rude to your dog, do not forgive. Ever. But in other cases - treat people the way you'd like to be treated. Unless you're one of those idiots who want to be ready for all the triggers.
Secondly - cut off the toxic people. Easy to say, easier to do. I can do everything for my friends, but there is a point in which I can notice I'm the only one who's always 'giving'. That I'm the one who's there only when they need me. It's normal in a typical friend-friend situation. You usually write to each other, when you need something. But it's not normal if you call yourselves besties.
Those were the two things which are super boring and super well-known. I'm probably repeating some worldwide-known coaches. Meh. So let's get into things I really wanted to tell you.

You can't stop all the evil of the world. You can't predict, what's gonna happen to you. But it's not a reason to being mean and lost your life. Try to take as much as you can. Try to do things which you like. Don't care about people's opinion. Just don't make me angry and be a person who can cherish his/her life.
Just to let you know, if you think I'm the walking fountain of happiness - of course I'm not. I'm a pretty dramatic and hopeless person. :D But I'm trying not to regret anything. If I like something, I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can. If I don't like somethng, you wouldn't see me near that thing. And if I have a crush I just write a ten-pages-long letter (being salty as sae) to bae. Easy peasy.

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