About me

July 30, 2018
I'm Polish girl who likes writing, reading and eating. At the age of 12 I wrote my first book which I burned. The same fate befell all of my screenplays and diaries. Since that moment I collect almost everything.
I pretend that I can speak English. The same goes for dancing, playing the piano and taking care of my dogs. Can't watch horror movies and blood, because it may cause my own death.

And seriously?
I'm 21-year-old girl who graduated two majors at art school. I finished playing the piano and now I don't really know what to do with my life. Eventually waiting for miracle and letter from Hogwart (because who knows).
For quite a long time I'm really into Korean culture, especially cosmetics, food and my oppa's life.
I'm writing this blog to share some part of my life and somehow help other people. Don't like rude and stupid being. Let's respect each other.

I've read all of JasonHunt's books.

Every year I add another destroyed headphones to my collection.

My baobab tree's name is Zbigniew.


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