Hello from a Tenshicon.

November 02, 2015

Hi guys!
I'm not sorry, to be truth, that I haven't written there for month. Well, that's life, you know. Everything can happen. But in some way, I'm back. c: 

I don't know the original version of this song. I mean, I heard it ones, but I like Pellek's version much more. Isn't it beautiful? Isn't he beautiful? 
To be true, I want to tell you, or maybe only show something about Halloween party which takes place every year. This year it was called "tenshicon". It had to be funny. You know, name made from my nickname. And it was funny. Every event with friends is full of fun. ^-^
Ah, before everythig, there's link to similiar post from last year (which, to be truth, is so freakin personal, you don't even know this people, why do I write so much about them, eh).

So, as you can probably already tell - the main theme was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with her Crazy Party Night - Pumpkins Strike Back, but it turned into "Trevor night". Do you know movie called Sinister? So yeah, this Trevor. Boy who jumps out of the box. He was the star when it went to puns.
Oh, we had a punch, which wasn't that good. The recipe was just weird. Remember to not add cinnamon in powder into liquids. It's disgusting. And of course, we also had a lot of cakes, muffins, jellybeans, monster crisps and some jusices. Just typical party night.
There are some snaps from our snapchats. If you want more, just subscribe me (you can guess the name, I know you can).

So yes, I think that's all. That was just night spent with friends in costumes. Included horror movie, knowledge about Harry Potter and other games.
I hope that you also had some fun. And you know what? Christmas is coming!

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